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An individual training plan is a great tool that will help you achieve your goals! The plan works perfectly for people who already have an understanding of resistance training and have clearly defined training goals, or for people who do not have the opportunity to attend a gym, but want to start their adventure with training using the knowledge and experience of professionals.

An individual approach to exercise is crucial for us, so before we start to create a training plan and supplementation, we always ask you to send a completed nutrition questionnaire on the basis of which we will be able to individually determine your training level and general concept of nutrition, which in turn will allow us to adjust training and supplementation to your abilities and goals, even if we have never met!

Home training? Outdoor activity? Gym? You choose the place where you want to train, and we create a plan that meets your expectations. With the help of the training plan, you can train whenever and wherever you want. How long you use it is also up to you, although we recommend that you change your plan no later than every 8-12 weeks

To care for your development, we approach each training plan very individually and focus on your training goals. Depending on your needs, we will adjust appropriate exercises and the number of training days.


As your personal trainer, We accountable for the selected methods. That’s why firstly We will thoroughly research your needs in order to choose the best solutions suited to you. Only that way will you get the results you want.


Together, we set realistic and measurable goals that We will help you to achieve. It can be, for example, losing extra kilograms, building muscle mass or general improvement of fitness and physique.


Based on the survey and research results, We develop an individual online nutritional plan and supplementation plan for you, which in an effective and safe way support the achievement of your set goals.


We develop an optimal, individual training plan created especially for your needs, thanks to which you know exactly how to perform exercises in a safe and beneficial way for you.


Combining your blood test results and a detailed health survey, We select the best solutions for you. These tests are an integral part of creating the optimal solutions for you


You have unlimited contact with your coach via email. You can ask for advice or consult about a problem bothering you at any time.

Report fortnightly ( customised until you will achieve your goal )

Thanks to our training and well-chosen supplementation, you will gain control on your body, increase your physical fitness and functional strength!


Just like when you are waiting for a fantastic meal in a quality restaurant, we also need to take the time to thoroughly analyse your needs so that we can recommend an appropriate diet/
supplementation/training customised for you.

Every organism is different. An individual approach is very important because the same symptoms may in fact have different root causes. There are no two people that have the same genotype. Every one has their own genetic program that determines how many vitamins or minerals they need to stay healthy.

What our diet should be depends on several factors: gender, age, somatotype, lean body mass,
environment, physical activity, past / current diseases and ailments, food allergies and intolerances, hormonal imbalance, drugs and supplements, stress, flavour preference, economic condition, purpose of dieting.

The goal of a dietitian is to prevent diseases directly related to nutrition. The fact is that civil diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and others are in most cases a consequence of our lifestyle. A balanced diet is very important for our health, it must contain the optimal amount of nutrients and energy needed to maintain a stable body weight, prevent disease and slow down the ageing process.

It is worth paying special attention to our diet, because everything we eat leads us to health or to the development of a disease. We do not cure the symptoms, we do not even cure the disease, but we support the human body when it is having problems.

So let’s remember … “You are what you eat”
If the body is our home and a proper diet is its foundation, then let’s not neglect this mantra, which gives better results and maintains our health for many years!