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Summer usually means beach season and that means fewer clothes. If you have recently built some size, you probably wonder how to switch the ‘beach body’ program up. However, there is not an instant fix for getting defined abs and reducing fat. The truth is your six-pack is built both in the gym and the kitchen. But getting there doesn’t have to be complicated. Our Get ripped program is designed as a training + supplement cycle for those who want to achieve a shredded look.

The process of getting ripped

Ripped body refers to a state where your body fat is minimised to extremely lower percentages while maintaining higher muscle mass. Usually, when you want to get ripped, your goal is to lose body fat and increase muscle gains. This combo allows your muscles to show better. Getting a shredded look takes time. Obviously, people who have less body fat to less will probably see results faster than others and those who already have some muscles will probably see gains faster than leaner body types. This is why you should adjust your training and diet habits to your training experience and everyday routine. Adding more muscle and getting more ripped is possible to anyone. You just need to choose the right program and our Get ripped plan seems to be just perfect. It includes a bulking stage with building muscle workouts and a diet geared towards the main goal. No matter if you are a beginner in fitness and nutrition or you have been working out for ages, this program will help you get in amazing shape.    

Our Get ripped training plan

The first step to get shredded is to build muscles. You can only achieve that by doing strength training and a proper diet. Your diet needs to possess adequate calories so that you consume enough protein and supplements. After gaining sufficient muscle mass, you should start working on fat loss. In the fat cutting phase, you should carefully monitor the calorie intake and work even more on cardio. Eventually, you should achieve your ideal body fat percentage for your new, ripped body (6-10% if you’re a man, 14-18% if you’re a woman). Our Get ripped training program is segmented into split routines – a classic body-building approach to building muscle and burning fat. As you progress from week to week, the program has slight variations in the volume and structuring so that you make the most out of your workout. Your Get ripped program includes a custom-designed workout (both fitness and weight training) based on your training experience and body parameters, cardio guidance (don’t forget that dreaded cardiovascular exercise is a key in becoming lean!)  and optionally diet and supplementation (protein powder, vitamins, creatine and pre-workout drinks) guidance. 

Available options 

Our Get ripped plan is fully adjustable to your needs and preferences. No matter how experienced you are, you will easily choose the right training program that will allow you to achieve a perfectly shredded body. Each program is available in three options: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you are a total newbie, don’t hesitate to start from the beginner level – the workout and pace will be customised and fully adjusted to your physical condition. Each level (beginner, intermediate and advance) has two options available: training only and training + supplementation. No matter which program you choose, we customize your Get ripped program to your sex, age, weight and body type. It will allow us to calculate the right daily calorie intake for your muscle transformation. Once your subscription is confirmed, you receive full access to your training plan. We strongly recommend that you should consider a plan that also includes supplementation guidance. You can of course build a better body on a really good diet, but it takes more time and energy. Supplements make it much easier to get the necessary nutrients to build muscle and our dieticians and trainers really know what they are doing. E.g., if you’re not taking enough protein, you won’t have the amino acid building blocks required to fuel your muscle growth.

The customer panel  

Each customer has full access to the intuitive, easy-to-follow panel with training and diet information. In the panel, you can monitor your DCI (daily calorie intake) and micro- and microelement share, fully adjusted to your activities on a particular day. You can track your training progress up to speed – vital statistics, weight, body fat percentage etc. You can monitor the progress using a handy diary and compare your results with the goals you have defined. Tracking your progress has also been made more ‘visual’ – you can upload your photos to see how your body has changed. Of course, your goals are easy to edit and modify. 

If you decide to buy a 6-month (or more) subscription, your customer account will be upgraded – you will gain access to all available training plans. You will be able to switch between training programs to fully adjust your training to your current goals (see available plans). You can also consult our trainers and dieticians once a quarter to ask questions and modify your training strategy.


Just like when you are waiting for a fantastic meal in a quality restaurant, we also need to take the time to thoroughly analyse your needs so that we can recommend an appropriate diet/
supplementation/training customised for you.

Every organism is different. An individual approach is very important because the same symptoms may in fact have different root causes. There are no two people that have the same genotype. Every one has their own genetic program that determines how many vitamins or minerals they need to stay healthy.

What our diet should be depends on several factors: gender, age, somatotype, lean body mass,
environment, physical activity, past / current diseases and ailments, food allergies and intolerances, hormonal imbalance, drugs and supplements, stress, flavour preference, economic condition, purpose of dieting.

The goal of a dietitian is to prevent diseases directly related to nutrition. The fact is that civil diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and others are in most cases a consequence of our lifestyle. A balanced diet is very important for our health, it must contain the optimal amount of nutrients and energy needed to maintain a stable body weight, prevent disease and slow down the ageing process.

It is worth paying special attention to our diet, because everything we eat leads us to health or to the development of a disease. We do not cure the symptoms, we do not even cure the disease, but we support the human body when it is having problems.

So let’s remember … “You are what you eat”
If the body is our home and a proper diet is its foundation, then let’s not neglect this mantra, which gives better results and maintains our health for many years!