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When asked what body parts they would like to change most, men usually say that they want either bigger arms, a bigger chest or a smaller belly. However, making major changes to the way you look is usually really hard work. It takes time and costs you lots of self-control. Adding width to your upper body, building mass and muscle and stripping away belly fat require the right workout program you will stick to. Whether you want to increase the size of your chest and arms or pack on mass, it’s crucial to know where to allocate your efforts. That’s what our revolutionary training program has been designed to do. Meet Gain muscle / weight program and start adding muscular size to all your major muscle groups!

Top reasons why you should work on building your muscles

There are many good reasons why you should start building up your muscle. Among the others, the following are the most frequent:

  • ïMuscles increase your metabolic rate – by gaining muscles, you increase your body’s energy requirements. When your metabolic rate is increased, your body burns more fat. Thus, it’s easier to lose the extra body fat.
  • ïMuscles may prevent injuries – the older you are, the easier to injure yourself while training. Muscle fortifies your bones, tendons and ligaments and improves your balance and coordination.
  • ïYou feel better and look better – a good training program will definitely result in a better look. Muscle makes your physical appearance improve as it’s much more attractive than fat.
  • ïMuscle helps you decrease disease risks – your conditioning level has a huge impact on your general health. People who work out regularly have less incidence of disease than sedentary people. Improving cardiovascular function and blood chemistry reduces the risk of heart disease.

Your gain muscle / weight program

Are you ready to add some muscles to your daily life then? Our innovative Gain muscle / weight muscle program is dedicated for anyone who wants to pack on some serious muscle mass. The program includes various training plans – you will be provided with the one that suits your needs and expectations best. The top priority is to determine what the best bodybuilding workout is and this is where our experts come in. We have a team of experienced trainers and dieticians who will help you select the plan out of a wide range of different workouts available. We provide you with a professionally designed training plan (optionally, supplementation guide, too) that will lead you to gain lean muscle mass.  

Available options

Our mission is to satisfy your needs, no matter if you are a workout newbie or an old bird. We totally understand that each client has different goals, needs and aspirations. This is why we do our best to customize your training plan as much as possible. When you subscribe to the program, you can choose one of the training levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The choice should be based on how often you work out and your special conditions. Each level is assigned to a certain training program. On top of that, you can choose between ‘training’ and ‘training and supplementation’ options. Training and supplementation plan includes a package of guidelines on how to supplement your body with vitamins and micro- and macroelements. 

The recommended option – training + supplementation 

Many people wonder whether they need supplements to gain muscle. The answer is totally individual. Exercise and a well-balanced diet might be enough to make progress. However, if you want to pack on size quickly and healthy, supplementation can really help you get an extra edge. Adding the proper supplements to your training plan can help you get an extra 5-15% in terms of results. A well-balanced diet, proper nutrition and the right supplements will make your body-building process much more effective. Most diets lack certain vitamins or minerals so if you really want to add some healthy mass and muscle, you should trust the experts. Our dieticians will provide you with some guidelines that will calculate daily energy requirements and show you how to safely add 15% to your DCI to effectively build your muscles.    

Easy-to-use customer panel

Once you subscribe to your Gain muscle / weight training plan, you have full access to the customer panel. The customer panel is an intuitive platform where you will find information about your training plan and your energy requirements based on your activity on particular days. In the panel, you will also find your exercise diary to track your results, as well as your daily micro- and microelement share. The platform is a great place for progress tracking – there are weight, fat level and vital statistics you can easily access whenever you want to. There is also the gallery – you can upload your photos to see your body transformation up to speed.

Some extras you will find in the panel

Customers who decide to go with a 6-month (or more) subscription, can access all available training plans (see our plans) and switch to any of them. Our training plans are customized, based on your goals and energy requirements. There is also a chance to consult your progress with our trainers and dieticians – every quarter you can send a report and get professional feedback. 


Just like when you are waiting for a fantastic meal in a quality restaurant, we also need to take the time to thoroughly analyse your needs so that we can recommend an appropriate diet/
supplementation/training customised for you.

Every organism is different. An individual approach is very important because the same symptoms may in fact have different root causes. There are no two people that have the same genotype. Every one has their own genetic program that determines how many vitamins or minerals they need to stay healthy.

What our diet should be depends on several factors: gender, age, somatotype, lean body mass,
environment, physical activity, past / current diseases and ailments, food allergies and intolerances, hormonal imbalance, drugs and supplements, stress, flavour preference, economic condition, purpose of dieting.

The goal of a dietitian is to prevent diseases directly related to nutrition. The fact is that civil diseases such as cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity and others are in most cases a consequence of our lifestyle. A balanced diet is very important for our health, it must contain the optimal amount of nutrients and energy needed to maintain a stable body weight, prevent disease and slow down the ageing process.

It is worth paying special attention to our diet, because everything we eat leads us to health or to the development of a disease. We do not cure the symptoms, we do not even cure the disease, but we support the human body when it is having problems.

So let’s remember … “You are what you eat”
If the body is our home and a proper diet is its foundation, then let’s not neglect this mantra, which gives better results and maintains our health for many years!