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Insulin resistance

Can’t LOSE WEIGHT even if you put lots of effort into it ??? Insulin resistance may be a reason

If you suspect that you or your loved ones are insulin resistant complete the following quiz.

This will not replace a medical diagnosis but it might help you to help you assess if your health condition requires medical intervention.

  •           do you often crave sweets or salty snacks?
  •           do you often go hungry soon after a meal, or do you need to eat a lot of food?
  •           do you find it difficult to lose weight despite eating a diet and exercising regularly?
  •           does fat deposit mainly accumulate around the abdomen?
  •           do you have brown discoloration around the neck, armpits, breasts, inside your elbows or knees?
  •           do you have irregular periods?
  •           Are you overweight or obese?
  •           Do you have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome )
  •           do you have thyroid disease?
  •           do you have high levels of triglyceride’s and/or LDL ?
  •          do you have low level of HDL?
  •           Do you have high blood pressure?
  •           do you have hypoglycaemia( hypoglycaemia is a condition that occurs when a person’s blood glucose level (BGL) has dropped too low, below 4mmol/L)
  •           do you often feel tired despite sleeping well?
  •           do you have type 2 diabetes or have poor glucose tolerance?
  •           Have you had difficulty getting pregnant or have had multiple miscarriages?


Answering ‘yes’ to three or more questions may be evidence of insulin resistance, in which case you need to see a doctor and perform more thorough diagnostic tests. Answering ‘yes’ to one of these questions is an indication for a medical consultation